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Ogbonno Soup :A healthy traditional soup of the Igbos

14:45 Asmau Sada 0 Comments

1/2 small cup ground Ogbonno
1/2 kilo beef
Stock fish
Pieces of kpomo(scraped and washed)
1/2 small cup ground crayfish
3-4 dry fish(de-boned and washed )
1/2 bunch chopped ugu
 Small cup grated okro(optional)
1 tsp ground pepper
1 small cup palm oil
Salt to taste
3 bouillon cubes

Wash and boil the beef with stock fish, kpomo,some salt and chopped  onions. Add crayfish and dry fish. Let it boil for some time. Add grated okro. Pour the ogbonno in a small bowl and add enough palm oil,  stir it for some time. Take some of the  stock from the  beef root and to the Ogbonno.  Stir it till it melts.  Pour it to the  beef pot and  stir.  Add bouillon  cubes,  salt and pepper. Add your ugu leaves, allow it to boil. Serve with semovita or tuwo alkama and enjoy!
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